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Our Business – Amuse Group Holding Limited

Our Business

Amuse Group is a Hong Kong-based toy company which carries out design, marketing, distribution and retail sales of toys and related products. According to the F&S Report, we ranked fifth among ACG figure toy ODM service suppliers in Hong Kong in terms of share of total industry revenue in 2017.

ODM Toys

ODM toys produced according to our customers’ specifications and requirements.

Imported Toys

Imported toys which were sourced from overseas licensees.

Own licensed toys

We develop our own licensed toys based on license rights obtained from various licensors of US entertainment and toy brands.

Our Procedure

Business strategies


Expanding the product portfolio of our licensed toys

Apply for additional license rights and make use of our available license rights in various ACG characters featuring in popular animations’ and comics’ series

Enhancing our overseas distribution network

To achieve better coordination of our overseas distributors, we currently intend to establish three overseas representative offices in our sales territories including the US, Taiwan and Singapore.

Further strengthening our manpower

To expand in-house capacity for product development by recruiting additional engineering staff and product designers, and hire marketing, finance and administrative staffs to cope with our business development and planned expansion.

Further enhancing our information technology system

To increase our design capacity by upgrading the existing computer hardware and software, and also to install a new enterprise resource planning (“ERP”) system which improve our management efficiency and minimise the occurrence of human errors in data processing.

Our values

Competitive Strengths

  • 1. Working relationship with licensors of renowned US entertainment and toy brands.
  • 2. Established relationship with our largest customer group.
  • 3. Diverse distribution platforms mainly comprised of local and overseas distributors, our online store and flagship store in Hong Kong and certain consignment sales channels.
  • 4. Various brands for developing our own licensed toys
  • 5. Our ability to carry out one-stop design and distribution for licensed toys
  • 6. Stringent selection of suppliers and quality control.
  • 7. Experienced and dedicated management team.

Products and Brands

Our portfolio


The brands of our own licensed toys

Product portfolio

1. a variety of premium and general class figures based on popular third party owned ACG characters.
2. other related products such as pens and hair ties.